Album: A Hundred Thousand Angels – Bliss

The début Bliss album is a nearly meditative work with spiritual lyrics sung in the beautiful voice of Welsh vocalist Lucinda Drayton accompanied by masterfull musical arrangements. The songs vary from Countryish to Celtic, with some instrumental pieces. I love the title track ‘A Hundred Thousand Angels’, but some of the other songs in the album are also deeply moving.


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Welsh singer Lucinda Drayton (vocals) and Andrew Blissett’s (keyboards) début Bliss album is a twelve track collection of meditative and more accessible tunes with lush vocal work and superb instrumental arrangements.

The title track opens the album with slow yet rich keyboard music underscoring Lucinda’s soaring vocal work.

“Come Into The Light” is a contemplative and tender acoustic piece sung by Lucinda and Andy together.

“Farewell To Music” is an instrumental performed entirely on harp.

“Sunrise” is an Enya-style track with acoustic guitar and bass perfectly as accompaniment.

“I’ll Be Waiting” returns to acoustic singer-songwriter style, with Lucinda’s solo vocals and gentle acoustic guitar.

“This Love” with keyboard music and Andy’s lead vocals backed up by Lucinda.

The first of two Yoga-inspired tracks is “Shiv Sakti” is the first of two yoga-inspired tracks, an extended meditative piece with Lucinda’s vocals underscored by the keyboard and mood-inspiring percussion. The upbeat, multi-layered, chorus is inspirational.

“Naked” is a short yet tender and sensual ballad accompanied by acoustic guitar, lovely strings and keyboard.

“Say Goodbye” is a meditative piece which opens with powerful orchestral new age arrangements. The violin solo blends well with the vocals.

“Grace” is a piano-based instrumental with only occasional light percussion and keyboard. It is a light track with a great melody accompanied by harp supported by orchestral keyboards.

“One Wish” is another evocative piece with beautiful vocals.

The album concludes with the powerful yoga-inspired tune, “One Shanti” with rich arrangements, and an accessible tune.