Adjusting to Life After the Loss of a Child – Lora C Mercado


This audiobook is a practical guide of the many I have purchased. It is written by a mother who lost a baby son and it covers a lot of different aspects related to child loss in a matter-of-fact way. Some good advice and insights. Take what applies to your particular circumstances and ignore the rest.

Also available in eBook and Paperback formats.


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Learning how to cope with the loss of a child is an extremely difficult and painful experience. The author, Lora C Mercado lost her baby son in 2003 due to a congenital heart defect. Throughout this book, she will share with you some of the things that have helped her through this journey of grief and healing, as well as other valuable tips that she has learned through research and other parents who have lost a child.

Chapters Include: A Mother’s Love Explained A Father’s Grief Planning a Funeral Miscarriage, Infant Loss After A Long Illness, Losing Multiple Children, Losing An Adult Child, Tragic Death, Path of Healing, Keeping Their Memory Alive, Helping Siblings with Loss, Differences in Spouse Grief What to do with Their Room, Moving On, Strengthen Your Marriage After Loss, Grief of Extended Family, Natural Grief Therapies, Tips to Help the Grieving, Poems and Quotes, Grief Support Resources.