Album: Bliss – Bliss

The second Bliss album continues with the meditative, new age trend with spiritual undertones and lyrics sung in the beautiful voice of Welsh vocalist Lucinda Drayton accompanied by masterful musical arrangements.


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Welsh singer Lucinda Drayton (vocals) and Andrew Blissett’s (keyboards) second Bliss album is a self-titled collection of thirteen tracks. It continues in their trend of producing meditative new age style music.

The album opens with the mellow “Thank You” where Lucinda’s vocals are supported by gentle strings.

“Child” presents instrumentation and vocal layering with a somewhat faster tempo which improves its accessibility.

“The Only One” is an upbeat folk-rock style piece where the artists join up in vocals with lovely harmonies.

In addition to the more richly arranged songs on the album, Bliss can articulate their message in a gentle acoustic guitar backed solo style. Such is the case with the tender tracks

“Breathe On Me” and “Be Who You Were Born To Be” are tender meditative tracks with Lucinda’s powerful vocals and a robust chorus backed by gentle acoustic guitar.

“Peace On My Mind” reveals the band’s ability to produce accessible pop-oriented music as well with inspired percussive arrangements, rich instrumentation and vocal harmonies.

“War No More” is a lighter, easy listening number with lead vocal underscored by lush arrangements and vocal harmonies.

“Wait And Wonder” combines the best of the group’s acoustic guitar and piano arrangements with instrumentation and Lucinda’s tender vocals.

“The Deep” is slower, more contemplative and bluesly, with, Lucinda’s vocals self-backed with Andy’s occasional vocals and a woodwind instrumental solo.

“Seabird” is an Enyaesque track dominated by vocals and string and light electronic arrangements.

“Here Where You Lay” is a very slow and meditative tune; with string, keyboard and piano work and Lucinda’s softer vocals.

The album wraps up with the slow yet anthem-like tune “The World Is Lost To Me” and the meditative yoga-inspired number “Returning Home”.