Contact – Connect with your Loved Ones in Spirit – Christopher Allan

This is one of many meditations I have purchased to help me connect with my son. As with all these meditations, it is non-specific to the loss of a child, but the pace, visualisation, soothing music and tone of this track make it a good choice. I also like that it finishes by allowing us to return and reconnect any time we wish.


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Written and read by psychic medium Christopher Allan, who was adopted by a US family as an infant from Bogota, Colombia. He believes his abilities are genetically passed down from his birth family. Yet, it is his adopted family he accredits in helping him nurture, develop, and share his gift.

This is what the author says about this track:

Open yourself up for communication with a loved one who has passed on. This audio recording is intended to help you find comfort in dealing with the loss of someone who once touched your life. Hopefully, at some point, you will learn and understand that our loved ones have not disappeared, but are always with us and are eager to reach out to us to help us cope with our loss, and to realise that life and love are eternal. My extensive work as a psychic medium has taught me techniques that I use to open up to spirit. I believe that these techniques can be passed on to you to help you open up to spirit too.

I believe in the afterlife. I believe that when our physical body ceases to exist, a part of us still lives on and that energy, our spirit, our soul, lives on somewhere forever, although I can’t pinpoint where it goes exactly. I believe our spiritual home is where we originally come from. I believe we come here to earth for a very brief time to experience physical life. If our bodies are only a temporary vehicle to experience this physical plane, then our soul, our eternal self is who we truly are. In order to get in touch with our loved ones who have made this transition from physical to spirit, we must tap into our own spiritual selves by clearing our human minds. In this meditation I will first help you do that, and then I will lead you safely on a path to reconnect with your loved one in spirit.