Double Album: Cynthia Erivo and Oliver Thompsett Sing Scott Alan

All the songs in this album are deeply emotional, moving, touching, raw, meaningful and powerful. This edition includes songs and instrumental versions, which are beautiful in their own right. It also includes a PDF booklet with full lyrics of the songs. Scott Alan recently joined famed medium John Edward to support the #bighugs movement. An amazing songwriter and two wonderful vocalists.


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Every song in this album by Scott Alan is incredibly emotional, raw, personal and honest. Written about loss and beautifully sang by vocalists and West End stars Cynthia Erivo and Oliver Thompsett.


Always Goodnight – Lyrics

If there are times you find that you are feeling weak, Lie next to me I’ll hold you till you fall asleep.
At anytime of day
There’s nothing to explain
I’m always on your side.

Hold on to me I’ll steal you from the hardest days, Don’t be afraid you have me here to guide your way. Through Storms I will be here
I will not disappear
I’m always by your side.
Always Always, Always, Always

Hand on my heart I promise I will see you through, When pain arrives I’ll be right here to hold on to. With laughter and with prayer
I promise ill be there
Always by your side.

Dry away the tears,
Lay aside your fears. No more pain for my love. I am here,
Now go to sleep.

And when the angels come
I know that they will treat you well.
That they will pull you through
And lift you up from all that’s held you down.
There’s a heaven up there
And it waits just for you.
So close your eyes and dream
And there will be a world you once knew.
A world without the pain
That has stuck with you for far too long.
A world that does contain
A love like mine to watch you grow strong.
And when my time arrives
Please wait and make a place for me.
For when I do arrive
Your face should be the first face I see.
Always, Always, Always, Always

Dry away the tears
Lay aside your fears. No more pain for my love. It is time,
Now go to sleep.