Healing the Wounded Soul – Tony Stockwell

This recording by Tony Stockwell -while not solely aimed at bereaved parents- includes a good exercise of reconnection with departed loved ones: ‘For all those who struggle with the pain of loss brought about by the passing of a loved one’, which has helped me connect with my son and my dad, and a couple of other exercises to clear emotional energy and to help with relationship healing, which is something many of us bereaved parents need, as our relationships with those who have not suffered the loss of a child strain.


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This audio recording includes practical exercises to help listeners who feel heartbroken get in touch with their higher selves and to gain some peace and emotional well-being.

Led by internationally known psychic medium Tony Stockwell.

 After my son died, I did various courses in psychic development and mediumship and all sorts of spiritual practices, and later on I trained as a therapist in those modalities I could adapt to my new spiritual understanding. I did not intend to become a medium, but I needed to understand how spirit communication works and what to expect from my own communication with my son. Among other great courses, I did a workshop with Tony Stockwell and then I joined classes for a few months in his studio. I have also seen Tony do a demonstration in London. He is an amazing medium and a great teacher.