Heighten your Spiritual Awareness – Tony Stockwell

Since my son died, I feel that I live with one foot in this world and the other one in the astral plane, where I believe he is now. To enhance my perception of spirit and the afterlife I have done various courses in psychic development and mediumship and I continue to do many spiritual practices, including meditation and guided visualisation. I have also trained as a therapist in the modalities that could support my new spiritual needs and understanding.

I met Tony Stockwell at one of his workshops and I joined mediumship development classes for a few months in his studio. I have also been to one of his demonstrations in London. He is an amazing medium and a great teacher. This audio recording is a good addition to my spiritual practice.


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This powerful guided meditation CD helps to clarify our awareness of ourselves. By understanding the nature of our intuition -our “sixth sense”- we can take the right steps forward with an inner confidence. Led by the internationally known Spiritualist Medium Tony Stockwell, we learn to connect with the universe and to acknowledge that we are eternal beings, far more powerful than we realise. By broadening the mind and invigorating the spirit within, the journey towards transformation begins.

It includes a ‘Sitting in the Power’ guided meditation, which is an important practice for any kind spiritual work, including mediumship.