Hello from Heaven!: Messages of Love and Hope Through After-Death Communication – Bill and Judy Guggenheim


After my son died, I needed to prove to myself beyond reasonable doubt that there is an afterlife where he now is and where we will one day meet again. I embarked on all sorts of courses -from psychic development to mediumship and mind therapies- and I read and read everything I could find on the subject. This is one of the books that provides solid research and ‘scientific’ proof about the survival of the soul, which my analytical brain so needed.

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In this groundbreaking study of after-death communication experiences, the authors focus on the twelve major types of ADCs people report, the loving messages they receive, and the effects on the lives of those who have been contacted. They present persuasive evidence that ADCs are authentic contacts by deceased loved ones and discuss a few of the many far-reaching social and spiritual implications of their findings. During their seven years of research, Bill and Judy Guggenheim interviewed 2,000 people from all over America and Canada and collected more than 3,300 first-hand accounts from people who stated that they have been contacted by a deceased relative or friend. The Guggenheims selected 353 deeply poignant and comforting first-hand accounts for Hello From Heaven. Presented as complete short stories, they offer powerful emotional and spiritual healing, especially for those who are grieving or afraid of death. Many of the accounts reveal information that the person contacted did not know – and could not have known – before their ADC occurred. In other cases, a person’s life was protected, or even saved, by an ADC experience, including a number who were planning to commit suicide. Occasionally two or more people were together at the same place and time when they shared an after-death communication. Read these joyous and uplifting reports and decide for yourself whether they offer modern-day evidence of life after death.