Hereafter Now – Connect with Loved Ones in Spirit – Susanne Wilson

This is one of many meditations I have purchased to help me connect with my son. As with all these meditations, it is non-specific to the loss of a child, but this is one of the best meditations of this type I have listened to.

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Learn how to connect directly with loved ones in the Afterlife. This guided meditation is gentle and highly effective. It has produced excellent results, and has been featured at conferences and in books. With Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium

You don’t have to be psychic to connect directly with your loved ones who are in the Afterlife. Susanne Wilson has designed this meditation to help you connect without having to go get a reading. Susanne Wilson is a psychic medium, author, and spiritual teacher. She provides readings, classes, and teaches people methods to help them ‘make a date’ to connect with their loved ones in spirit. 

‘I am overjoyed to say that I easily connected with my son. I could feel him hug me from the inside and I could clearly see his laughing eyes. He is doing so well and participates with us in every aspect of our lives. The meditation brought tears of joy to my eyes.’ – Elizabeth Boisson