Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis, Tibetan Dream Yoga – Anna Thompson

I practice lucid and active dreaming as a way of trying to spend time with my son in my dreams. As I have trouble falling asleep, I often put on an meditative audio such as this one to help me drift off. This is a long hypnotic audio with binaural theta waves, which.serves the purpose. Anna Thompson’s voice is quite pleasant and soothing. Listen with headphones for best results. Please, be aware that this audio is not made for bereaved parents or for the bereaved in general and that some of the words may trigger sensitivities.


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Lucid Dreaming  Hypnosis is designed based upon the principles and practices of Tibetan Dream Yoga. This is considered a very deep and advanced form of spiritual practice which has been used for spiritual enlightenment, healing, wisdom and even extrasensory awareness. This hypnosis resource includes binaural Theta Waves for enhanced REM states. For best results, use headphones.