Path to Mediumship – Tony Stockwell

After my son died, I dedicated myself wholeheartedly to finding out everything I could about the afterlife. I needed undeniable proof that there is something else after this life, that my son is well and that I will one day meet him again. I did various courses in psychic development and mediumship and all sorts of spiritual practices and later on I trained as a therapist in those modalities I could adapt to my new spiritual understanding. I did not intend to become a working medium, but I needed to understand how spirit communication works and what to expect from my own communication with my son and when I sought mediumship readings. Among other great courses, I did a workshop with Tony Stockwell and then I joined classes for a few months in his studio. I have also seen Tony do a demonstration in London. He is an amazing medium and a great teacher.


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Practical exercises for the development of mediumship led by international medium Tony Stockwell. This CD is aimed at both the novice and those with years of experience who need to enhance their advancement. The exercises allow you to gain a greater focus and a stronger connection with those in the other world who are eagerly awaiting your participation.

This is a clear introduction to how mediumship works. As a bereaved parent, you can try spirit communication to demystify it and to know how to recognise signs from your child and other departed loved ones, and what to expect from a reading with a medium.

Featuring New World Music by Laura JW, Kevin Hartnett and Anthony Miles.