Album: Pillow Music, Natural Deep Sleep – David & Steve Gordon

After my son died, I spent more tortured nights than I can count wondering how long a person can survive with no sleep at all. I still don’t sleep well as my mind seems to go into overdrive at night. I now always try to listen to either calming music or to a spiritual recording to get to sleep. This is a soothing album which I use often. I particularly like the sounds of nature.


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This lovely collection of soothing melodies and pristine sounds of nature from award-winning healing music pioneers David and Steve Gordon, effortlessly guides you to that place of deep rest. With peaceful atmospheres and hypnotic nature sounds, this recording has been designed to assist you in moving through the different stages of relaxation into deep restful sleep, through the use of tranquil soundscapes, soothing melodies, subtle 60 beat per mintute pulses and pure natural sounds. Let go of stress and get the rest you need. You may never hear the end of this CD!