Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories – John Edward


John Edward is probably my favourite medium of all time, not only because of his talent, but also because of his commitment to teach and to demystify mediumship, spirit communication and the spirit world.

My son and I used to watch his shows every week years ago. I was then an open-minded skeptic, and watching him just seemed entertaining. Little did I know that he would be brought back into my path in my darkest hour, after my son died, and that it would mark the beginning of my own spiritual quest of survival.

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In Crossing Over, John brings his listeners with him on the extraordinary journey that has been his life since his New York Times best seller One Last Time was published in 1998. In the style of his TV show and personal appearances (poignant, funny, and remarkably candid) John deals head-on with the controversial issues he has confronted on his voyage as a psychic medium. Listeners might be surprised to learn that it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. On the way to becoming an internationally celebrated medium, John has had to learn his own lessons about the meaning of his work and about the motivations of some of the people he encountered, and the spirits who accompanied them. Through his very personal stories, John has brought peace and insight to those grieving for their loved ones—but what makes Edward’s memoir unique is how readily he exposes his own vanities and ego bruisings.

In addition, he provides a behind-the-scenes look at being a television medium, offering an amusing—and at times disturbing—look at how the ethereal world clashes with the celebrity world.

John Edward’s wit, warmth, and passion will captivate listeners—just as it has riveted the millions who view his landmark program.