Below are all the Reconnexions Resources I have created. I hope you’ll find them helpful.

Self-Help version of a gentle NLP-based process to strengthen the sense of presence of your child, by focusing on the special memories, on their life and on your mutual love and to give you full access to the good feelings related to them.

Self-Help version of a gentle NLP-based procedure to help you reprocess and recode some of the traumatic memories relating to your child’s passing, without having to dwell on them.

Learn to observe this ancient Celtic Pagan festival in which Halloween is actually based -although it bears little resemblance. Create new traditions in honour and memory of your child to help you get through this season, and incorporate some of the spiritual rituals to ‘reconnect’ with your child during the whole year.

A brief history of the origin of the season’s festivities and a series of tools to help you get through the Christmas season by creating new traditions, taking care of your own needs, holding space for your feelings and making your child part of whatever you decide to do.


Below are some new resources that will be available soon. Click on each image to read the description of each product.