If you have lost a child or children -of any age, for whatever reason, recently or a long time ago- you have suffered the most traumatic event any parent can endure.

You now face the rest of your life without your child’s physical presence. I am sure you would have given your own life in a split-second in exchange for your child’s life, and you would give everything to have him or her back with you on this Earth. But you know that is not possible.

You probably feel isolated and misunderstood by those who have not experienced the loss of a child.

Maybe you have struggled to find support from therapists who don’t really understand child loss.

And you may have had to incorporate a new spiritual framework into your life in order to survive.

After your child died, you couldn’t imagine how you would continue to live without him or her. You know you will never ‘recover’ from this loss, nor will you ever find ‘closure’ or ‘move on’.

You will never be the same person you were before your child’s passing, but maybe -just maybe- you can find a ‘new normal’, a new purpose to help you move forward.

What can you do to continue to live in the best possible way you now can in honour and memory of your child?

Hi. I’m Marta. I lost my son in 2014. I ‘get it’, all of it. Only a bereaved parent can come close to understanding and supporting another one. I’m deeply sorry for the loss of your child or children. I have had to reinvent myself spiritually and to retrain academically to be able to continue my journey on this Earth, and to attempt to help others. I’m ready to share what I have learnt with you, if you want me to.

Therapies and processes adapted to your specific needs, with an emphasis on helping you ‘reconnect’ with your child in spirit, continue to feel your bond, allow you to talk about them and to keep their memory alive.

Online meetings and webinars exclusively for bereaved parents. Just grab your computer, tablet or mobile phone to join in without having to leave home.

Reconnexion meditations, self-help techniques, practice manuals, and much more, to help you on your journey. Download them directly to your computer.