As bereaved parents, we can choose to continue our bonds with our children. We can open our minds and hearts to believing that there is more to being human than a physical body, that we are spirit beings having a human experience, that our children are still with us, around us, aware of everything that goes on in our lives, that they are supporting us and guiding us, that we can continue to have a relationship with them -not in the way we would like, but still a meaningful, comforting, fulfilling relationship. It will take time and effort on our part, but we can all do this.

Since my son Steven died, I have been on a mission: reading, researching, studying, doing psychic development and mediumship courses, and sitting in mediumship development circles. With the knowledge I have gained of how spirit communication works, the many mediumship readings and messages I have received from Steven through other mediums have taken a different meaning and dimension.

While at this time I don’t feel I have a calling to work as a medium, I have gained great appreciation and admiration for the many genuine, generous, compassionate mediums who bring so much comfort to so many. For me, realising during my training that I can also ‘tune into spirit’ and give comforting messages to others I had never met from their loved ones in spirit, has served me as further proof that we are all eternal souls. This practice has also heightened my sensitivity to receiving messages from my son and from my dad and other loved ones in spirit.

I have done everything I could think of to convince myself that my son is still around me, that he’s well, and that I will one day meet him again on the same plane. I am now convinced.

I know some of you are also convinced, and others really want to be, but are still sceptical, and that’s OK. I would not expect anybody to believe blindly, just because I or others say it’s true. There is today much scientific proof of the survival of the soul that we can read about. And we have all probably received many undeniable signs and messages from our children, whether directly or through others such as mediums -even though we may not be ready to see them or to accept them.

But however much we research, read, train, test, and realise that there is an enormity of irrefutable proof, a certain level of resistance, of scepticism, is still natural. Our conscious, analytical mind always struggles with believing anything beyond what we can perceive with our physical senses.

We can’t have our children back on this earthly plane of existence but, every time we doubt, we can choose to push those doubts aside, because we know that they don’t serve us well. We can choose to open ourselves to the possibility of believing.

Only then can we begin to open ourselves to rebuilding our relationship with our children, to start feeling their presence more and more in our lives again. Believing is a conscious choice that we have to make time and time again, until our conscious mind is happy to accept this new reality, and maybe even for the rest of our lives on Earth.

The key to succeeding is consciously disregarding any doubts or scepticism that may arise and trusting that the signs, symbols and messages we receive are real. Tell yourself that those doubts are not helpful and ask your conscious mind to allow you to believe and to trust. Little by little, the doubts will become less, until they’ll hopefully disappear completely.