From this page you can access books, ebooks and audiobooks which I have found helpful in my bereavement journey or which have been recommended by other bereaved parents. I have also added books that I read or listened to but that I can’t remember very well, under the assumption that, even though I found some books more helpful than others at the time I read them, I got something from each book. I will try to go over each of them again in time but, in the meantime, I want to put them all in one place. Please, be aware that the content of some of the books can be quite emotional for us and that you may not agree with all of the author’s perspective or advice.

The links will take you to the website -Amazon, iTunes- where I found them, so that you can purchase them directly from the seller if you wish. I have included the formats each book is available in in the different sections below.


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Note: Please, research and consider the value of any of the resources listed on this page before purchasing them.  While I endeavour to ensure the accuracy of the information posted, especially relative to linked media, I accept no liability for content.