One of the most important steps you can take after losing a child is to connect with other like-minded bereaved parents, to share your thoughts, feelings and spiritual experiences, talk about your children and find comfort in the mutual support and understanding.

But you may live too far away from the areas where the support groups are being held, perhaps you need more support, or you may find it hard to get out of the house, to drive or to take public transport to a meeting, even if it’s not too far away.

If this is your case,  join a meeting -exclusively for bereaved parents- from home on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

What can you expect from these online gatherings?

  • Caring support, and interaction with other bereaved parents
  • Perhaps some comfort, as we help each other choose to believe and understand that our children and other loved ones continue to exist in another realm after their physical death.
  • Meditation/Guided Visualisation to learn to ‘reconnect’ with your child(ren), and other spiritual practices.
  • Information about ‘mind therapies’, and other helpful resources such as books, videos, websites, webinars, retreats, mediums, etc.
  • Sometimes, the meetings are in the form of webinars, where I talk in depth about a matter of interest for bereaved parents, with a Q & A session at the end in which you can share your experiences with other participants if you choose to.

Register your interest below, so that I can keep you informed about upcoming meetings and webinars.