Have you found traditional counselling and therapy unhelpful? Do you feel that only another bereaved parent can attempt to empathise with you and support you?

I did. That’s why I decided to retrain and qualify as a therapist, to study and research a variety of therapeutic and spiritual processes and procedures, and to adapt them to the specific needs of bereaved parents.

Each session is uniquely tailored to you, to your circumstances, feelings and requirements, to where you are in your grief journey. I listen carefully -without rushing- before we decide together which approach to take at each step. We can include hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques, neuro linguistic programming, bilateral stimulation, and a variety of spiritual practices, including shamanic journeying, lucid dreaming, meditation and spirit communication.

I can help you achieve a feeling of ‘reconnexion’ and continuing bonds with your child, and make your trauma and PTSD-type symptoms more manageable.


I can also treat the many psychosomatic consequences of this most complex type of traumatic grief: insomnia, aches and pains, anxiety, depression, addictions, lack of self-confidence, panic attacks, weight issues, weakened immune system, etc.

Most of the sessions take place online, on Skype, so your location is not an issue.

Find out more about some of the processes and procedures you can experience: 

Reprocessing Traumatic Memories

This procedure can help you reprocess and recode some of the most traumatic memories relating to your child’s passing, and also any painful memories from before and after. It can allow you to ‘distance’ yourself from those memories and from the intense feelings that accompany them, to make them more bearable and less distressing. It can also help you deal with all your traumatic memories at the same time at the subconscious level, without having to dwell on them.

'Reconnexion' Process
This process can strengthen the sense of presence -the reality of the loving connection you share with your child- by focusing on the special memories, on their life and on your mutual love, instead of on the loss and the traumatic events related to their passing. It can help you feel that your child is still with you when you think about him or her, so that you can have full access to all the good feelings you had when they were physically here.
‘Reconnexion’ Guided Meditation
This guided meditation and visualisation facilitates a state of deep relaxation, but at the same time it promotes a sense of expansive awareness, which leads to a ‘visitation’ with your child in the spirit realm.
Shamanic Journeying and Lucid Dreaming
This is a simple way to embark on a conscious dream journey to encounter your child or another loved one on the ‘Otherworld’, in the realm they now inhabit, whether they have passed recently or a long time ago. The steady beat of shamanic drumming is usually very effective in shutting out mental clutter and distractions, deepening and accelerating the journey experience.
Bilateral Stimulation Procedure Leading to an Experience of ‘Reconnexion’
This intense procedure, which may last up to 5 hours, can help you deal with and reprocess the traumatic feelings associated with the death of your child, talk to them about anything left unsaid, and lead to a beautiful, meaningful, natural experience of ‘reconnexion’.
Therapy to deal with the Psychosomatic ‘Side Effects’ of Child Loss
  • Anger
  • Anxiety, panic attacks and lack of confidence
  • Binge eating, eating disorders, weight gain or weight loss
  • Habits and addictions: alcohol, smoking, other substances
  • Insomnia
  • Pain relief
  • Post-traumatic stress